Organizing the Master Closet

Wow! What a busy day! As you know, I took on the master closet project by myself (I guess I’m kinda controlling when it comes to organizing 😉

here are the befores:


I know, right? This space had just become a “catch-all”.  The closet is just one gigantic room with a wire rack around the top portion of the wall to hang clothes. There is no real system in place, and right now, we can’t afford to buy one, so I had to make do. I grabbed some boxes from Costco and hot glued some pretty cloth I found at Hobby Lobby (on sale 40% off, of course!) onto the outside of the boxes. I LOVE the result!!! I labeled the new storage boxes with some pretty labels from Michael’s and filled them with junk  crafting supplies, photos, winter hats and gloves. Instant organization!

And here are the afters:


The photos aren’t great. They were taken with my phone, but hopefully, you can see what I’m taking about.

I love getting organized. What have you done to get your home organized?7844547136_48b81fc455


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