Making Spirit Day Shirts

Tomorrow is my kids’ Spirit Day and they are supposed to make shirts to support their school. Of course, I immediately went to Pinterest and looked up some ideas. I saw this DIY: SPRAY BLEACH SHIRT. and thought I’d give we’d give it a try. Here’s what I started with:

I decided to buy some vinyl letters and make some easy shirts.


I pressed on the vinyl letters so the bleach wouldn’t bleed through when I sprayed it.


All ready for the bleach

I used this spray that I had on hand. I added some regular bleach/water mix to it.

I bleached and waited and bleached and waited…

Umm…epic FAIL! No worries. I understand that a big part of DIY and crafting is trial and error, so I found some other shirts and tried again.


Unfortunately, the same thing happened with the next try. I think the bleach was too much for the thin vinyl letters, so I ended up pulling out my Scribbles Fabric Paints and created something new.

I kinda like them. It’s not what I had in mind originally, but sometimes trial and error produces the coolest designs.







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