Kill Zombies and get free flowers

The Home Depot has a great way to get free lawn and garden supplies. Go to their facebook page and play Zombie Mulch.

They say “Mulch Zombies and help get your yard ready for winter.” It’s really kinda gross, but my boys loved it and were begging me to let them play.

The game goes like this, you get points for driving a mulch truck into zombies walking down the street. The zombies fly over your bumper and fall into the mulcher on the back of the truck. You have to watch out for pot holes and debris in the road and since you only get between 3-12 points per zombie, it takes a while to get to 1000 points which earns you a $5 off coupon. It took the boys literally over an hour to mulch up enough zombies to win Mama a $15 off coupon! But it was worth it! They got to play on my laptop (usually a BIG no-no) and I got to get free flowers! Seriously. I printed out the $15 coupon, went to The Home Depot and got 4 of these beauties. 

They were on sale for $3.98 each. I got 4 and handed the check out guy my coupon. the total came to $15 and change so I got them absolutely FREE! Love it!


Hope you have fun mulching those zombies! Happy planting!


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