How to Clean Your Closet in an Hour

Clean out your closet in an hour, you say?

Yes. Yes, I do.

As you know, we just moved into this awesome new home, and I’m about 75% organized, I’d say. The bedroom where our boys sleep has a small walk-in closet. When we moved in, I just put everything that went into their room (and some things that didn’t) into the closet.


First, set the timer for ONE HOUR.  One hour, then you can relax and have some tea. 🙂 If you need more time, simply set the timer for 90 minutes or two hours, whatever you need to get the job done and get to that chair with a cup of tea. Do NOT stop until it is acceptably finished! Trust me, you won’t get back to it. 😉

Then, completely (or nearly completely) empty out your closet. I left the dresser in the closet, but changed the position because it would have been too difficult to drag the dresser out, then push it right back in. Still, I vacuumed the space and wiped down the wire shelves. I checked my timer at this point and it took me 9 minutes 29 seconds to empty out the closet.

Now, while I was taking things out, I was sorting them into four sections. Put Back In Closet/Donate/Throw Away/Move to Another Room. 

“Back into Closet” pile

“Throw Away” Pile

“Move to Another Room” pile

I don’t have a picture of my donate pile, but there was one, believe me. Most people have bins instead of piles, but piles work ok for me.

Remember, it does get messier before it gets cleaner. Do not despair. And for goodness sake, don’t stop!

Just Breathe.

I started with the board games and puzzles. I neatly stacked them on the top.

Then, I used some boxes I had covered with fabric (I’ll post a tutorial soon) and started putting the boys’ stuff away.

Here’s my boys’ finished closet

The total time took 58 minutes, 34 seconds. I admit, I still need to organize their drawers and get rid of clothes they can’t/won’t wear, but I don’t count that as cleaning the closet.

We still need to put together the bunk beds and fix their desk that got broken in the move, but a clean closet goes a long way toward getting organized.

I went for hot chocolate in my San Diego mug. Ahhh!

I hope this motivates you to clean out that messy closet that has been bugging you. Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “How to Clean Your Closet in an Hour

  1. I find that most projects that require organizing seem like they will take forever, but really goes pretty quickly. Doesn’t it feel great to have a clean and organized closet?

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