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A Year of Thanksgiving

For those of you closest to us, You know what a difficult year we have had. At the beginning of this year, we moved out of a large, comfortable house, due to financial difficulties and into a small, three bedroom, 1200 square ft home that a friend let us live in while he tried to sell it. We were grateful to have a roof over our heads and tried to “grow where we were planted”. But it was still really hard for 7 people to make such a big change. Our faith and sheer determination got us through. We had several milestones pass in that little house.

Our oldest son, Joey, went to Senior prom with a friend

Our “baby” Adam turned 3.

Joey graduated from High School! What???!!!

Joshua had a Chuck E. Cheese party for his 6th birthday.

In August, Emily started her first day of Kindergarten.

We had a few weeks of falling on our knees in prayer when the little house sold and we had to move for the 2nd time in a year. 😦  However, as you faithful readers may remember, I began this blog writing about my new, awesome house, so you know that we ended up in a fabulous, 5 bedroom house with wonderful neighbors. God answered our prayers and now we are making new memories in this amazing house. We had a brilliant Thanksgiving and are already preparing for new Christmas memories. What are your favorite Holiday memories?


Brilliant Thanksgiving Tablescape

With five children (three of whom are under seven years old) running through the house, I rarely get to enjoy any of the beautiful WHITE decorating ideas that I so often see and pin on Pinterest. However, the other day I ran across this beautiful tablescape and I thought, I can totally do this!

So I looked around my house, and found a white tablecloth that I could fold into a runner.

Then, I got some white votive candles from the dollar store (in a box of 4 for $1) and put them into some votive holders I already had.

Then, I put some popcorn kernels to add some interest/color. (For Christmas, I could add cranberries.)

I kept looking for white things to decorate with throughout my house. Then, I found this beautiful white pitcher and bowl. Perfect!

I added candle sticks and some berry picks from Hobby Lobby…hmm, what’s missing? Ah, yes. The white pumpkins!

For Halloween, I bought little pumpkins for the kiddos to paint. We washed them and scrubbed off as much paint as we could, then, we painted them white.

I played around with things for a bit and finally settled on this. What do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Update: This morning, Adam spilled grape juice on my white tablecloth/runner. Sigh! Well, it’s still a brilliant life! 🙂

Being Brilliant With Playdough

One of my kids’ favorite things to do is play with playdough. Another favorite, is going to the dollar store. We killed two birds with one stone the other day when we got our playdough at the dollar store! 

This time, I took a minute and sat down with the kiddos and played with them. I admit, it’s been a little while since I have gotten my fingernails filled with playdough, but I had a really fun time with them. 

And since imitation is the highest form of flattery, I was very flattered.

We really had a great time. And all it cost was a dollar…well, three dollars since they each had to have their own packs. 🙂

And Joshua worked very hard on a beautiful portrait of his favorite person. 

Can you guess who it is?