Brilliant Thanksgiving Tablescape

With five children (three of whom are under seven years old) running through the house, I rarely get to enjoy any of the beautiful WHITE decorating ideas that I so often see and pin on Pinterest. However, the other day I ran across this beautiful tablescape and I thought, I can totally do this!

So I looked around my house, and found a white tablecloth that I could fold into a runner.

Then, I got some white votive candles from the dollar store (in a box of 4 for $1) and put them into some votive holders I already had.

Then, I put some popcorn kernels to add some interest/color. (For Christmas, I could add cranberries.)

I kept looking for white things to decorate with throughout my house. Then, I found this beautiful white pitcher and bowl. Perfect!

I added candle sticks and some berry picks from Hobby Lobby…hmm, what’s missing? Ah, yes. The white pumpkins!

For Halloween, I bought little pumpkins for the kiddos to paint. We washed them and scrubbed off as much paint as we could, then, we painted them white.

I played around with things for a bit and finally settled on this. What do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Update: This morning, Adam spilled grape juice on my white tablecloth/runner. Sigh! Well, it’s still a brilliant life! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Brilliant Thanksgiving Tablescape

  1. aw, this is great! Your centerpiece looks really nice. The grape juice incident made me laugh. Isn’t that how life is?? 🙂

  2. It’s beautiful! Another idea for you. My kiddos loved showing off their artwork. And you know there’s plenty of it especially around the holidays. I was running out of room on my fridge and walls. So I put a festive solid colored tablecloth on table. I then placed the kids’ artwork in a collage on it. Secured with scotch tape to keep it in place. Then I put a clear plastic tablecloth over it. When the family came over for dinner they commented how cute the idea was. And ask where the pictures came from. The kids were all to happy to point out who did which picture. A few family members even asked to take a picture home. The kids were so proud to have their work on display. And the family enjoyed hearing funny stories that happened while picture was being made. All in all something that simple made the whole holiday for us

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