A Year of Thanksgiving

For those of you closest to us, You know what a difficult year we have had. At the beginning of this year, we moved out of a large, comfortable house, due to financial difficulties and into a small, three bedroom, 1200 square ft home that a friend let us live in while he tried to sell it. We were grateful to have a roof over our heads and tried to “grow where we were planted”. But it was still really hard for 7 people to make such a big change. Our faith and sheer determination got us through. We had several milestones pass in that little house.

Our oldest son, Joey, went to Senior prom with a friend

Our “baby” Adam turned 3.

Joey graduated from High School! What???!!!

Joshua had a Chuck E. Cheese party for his 6th birthday.

In August, Emily started her first day of Kindergarten.

We had a few weeks of falling on our knees in prayer when the little house sold and we had to move for the 2nd time in a year. 😦  However, as you faithful readers may remember, I began this blog writing about my new, awesome house, so you know that we ended up in a fabulous, 5 bedroom house with wonderful neighbors. God answered our prayers and now we are making new memories in this amazing house. We had a brilliant Thanksgiving and are already preparing for new Christmas memories. What are your favorite Holiday memories?


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