A Brilliant Countdown Idea

Every year in December, I buy the kids those chocolate advent calendars as a sweet way to count down the days until Christmas. This year, I wanted to improve on our tradition, and added another countdown idea.

I printed a template of an envelope from this website http://www.allcrafts.net/crochetsewingcrafts.htm?url=houseofstirfry.com/chia/templates/4x4env.html

I printed a template of an 4″x4″ envelope from this website: http://www.allcrafts.net/crochetsewingcrafts.htm?url=houseofstirfry.com/chia/templates/4x4env.html

Then I cut the envelope out of scrapbook paper

IMG_2499envelopeAfter that, came the fun part, deciding what ideas to put into the envelopes. I wanted to do something fun every day, but I know that the Holidays get really busy, so I made sure the things I came up with were easy and quick enough to do in a day. Some of my ideas were easy, like make Gingerbread cookies, cut paper snowflakes, and watch a Christmas movie as a family, as well as some that take some planning like, go to a Christmas tree lighting and buy toys for Toys For Tots. I typed the ideas up on slips of paper that fit into the envelopes.



It has been so much fun to open up the envelopes. The kiddos get excited to see the next activity.

Here the little ones are helping me make gingerbread cookiesgingerbread cookiesIMG_2518

What are some Advent traditions in your family?


2 thoughts on “A Brilliant Countdown Idea

  1. Cute! We used to do the same idea but used a paper chain. Each day had a task to complete to prepare for Christmas Day: go see Christmas lights, read a Christmas story, eat a Christmas cookie, mail a package, go shopping, etc. I think you just talked me into doing it again!

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