A Brilliant Son

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today. I found an old journal I kept when our first son was a baby. He made me a mom, a job which I have proudly held for the past 18 1/2 years. When he was little, he was a super talker. Like, full sentences when he was 18 months old! But the cutest thing was the way he used to say his words. Like, the word “shoes” was said with his sweet little lips stuck out trying to form the word.   “Shooooos”.  So adorable! He was a thumb-sucker from the womb. Some of my favorite photos are ones with his thumb in his mouth. (By the way, he never needed braces) 🙂

joey snuggling with daddy 1994 joey-about 3 months old

He and I spent lots of time at the library. Often, I’d arrange to meet my other Mommy friends at the library and we’d sit and visit while the kids read books and played with puzzles. I remember once, going into Joey’s room late at night when he was about 2 years old. I thought he was asleep, but he looked up at me with big blue eyes, took his thumb out of his mouth with a smack and said, “Book?” That’s my boy!

joey 1996

We do the best we can when there’s discipline or guidance required, but Joey is our first-born, remember. Sometimes we have to kinda make it up as we go along. After all, I’ve never been the Mom of an 18 year-old before. He sets the standard for the rest of the kids. (Sorry, guys, but it’s true) By the time Adam gets to be 18. I should be an old pro, right? well, maybe just old. 🙂m_71c75583afe6badd60dfba0d2204906b

After the other kids came along, I expected there to be a little jealousy, but Joey stepped up to the plate and helped out. Truly, I don’t know what we would have done without him.DSC00327

Now Joey is out of school and working. He still lives at home for now, but he talks about when he moves out. 😦 It makes me sad and proud at the same time. It’s true that time flies. I make him promise to take me to breakfast on a regular basis, so we can stay connected. He says he will. I’ll hold him to it. IMG_1362


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