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Brilliantly organized?

Today, dear reader, I’m going to tell you a secret…I LOVE to organize! Ok. Now I’m going to show you just how crazy-organized I can get. This is my linen closet. I don’t have a lot of sheets because I tend toward minimalism. (My husband is a very patient man).


I try to keep just enough sheets and blankets for nighttime accidents or illnesses, and everything’s labeled because I really like to be able to find a twin sheet easily, in the middle of the night. Makes sense, right? Here’s my other closet. Don’t quite know what to call it. The only linens are tablecloths at the bottom, but it’s not really a utility closet, like for cleaners and things.


I need to get some pretty labels, but, again, because I lean toward the minimalistic side, I don’t have a lot of unneeded lotions and lightbulbs. I have what I need, and it all fits nicely into clear, labeled boxes so anyone can find the fingernail clippers, an extra toothbrush or the dog’s flea shampoo. Again, makes sense, right? Nothing too crazy? Oh, how great it would be if everything in my house could STAY organized! Unfortunately, I live with five other people. My teenager has banned me from posting pics of his room. Trust me, he’s doing you all a favor. 🙂
Organization is not something you do once, then forget about, as I’m sure you know. I am constantly decluttering and reorganizing. I find, though, that keeping a small house (1400 sq ft) with 6 people clean and tidy, is easiest when there’s not much to work with. How many pairs of jeans does one kid need? How many towels? How many baby dolls? I can be a bit brutal when it comes to answering these questions. There is one area, though, where I’m actually trying to get better stocked. The craft cupboard. I love doing crafts with the kids, and crafts include small google eyes, stickers, paints and tiny plastic beads that roll across the floor forever. I think I may have found a solution to the messiness of craft time, but I’m sure I’ll keep changing it up. I found an armoire on the side of the road for free. (It wouldn’t fit into someone’s truck on moving day), so my son and I rolled it on a dolly all the way down the street to our house. Unfortunately the tv was too big, so I turned it into a craft cupboard!


Sorry about the pictures, I used my iPhone. But you get the idea. Staying organized helps life run more smoothly and with 4 kids underfoot, that’s something I can’t do without! How do you stay organized?

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A Brilliant Idea for a Table

Ok. So, we’ve moved since my last post over a year ago. Obviously, there have been many things I could have posted about, but…I didn’t. I’m picking up, not where I left off, but where I am now. And where I am now, dear friends, is in the middle of the desert!

It’s been a looong year, but we are settling into our place in Phoenix and I am starting new projects. My most recent was a table I found for $1 at the local Goodwill. Yes, I did say one dollar! It was pretty rough, and I’m sorry to say I did not take any “before” pictures of the plain, water damaged table, but I do have nice pictures of the painted mosaic (or faux mo) that I decided to do on top.



First, I scoured Pinterest for ideas, and originally, wanted to do a glass or tile mosaic, but I soon found out how pricey that can be. So I then, I thought, maybe I could paint it! i started by painting the table white for the “grout”, I hand drew a design (first on paper, then onto the tabletop.
When I was satisfied, I started painting. I used a gloss acrylic paint in the shades I wanted.

And painted with one of the kids’ water color brushes. It took four days from start to finish, and yes, my husband did have to pick up some of the slack (laundry, cooking, etc). Isn’t he awesome? But it is finally done and I have to say, I really like it!