A Brilliant Idea for a Table

Ok. So, we’ve moved since my last post over a year ago. Obviously, there have been many things I could have posted about, but…I didn’t. I’m picking up, not where I left off, but where I am now. And where I am now, dear friends, is in the middle of the desert!

It’s been a looong year, but we are settling into our place in Phoenix and I am starting new projects. My most recent was a table I found for $1 at the local Goodwill. Yes, I did say one dollar! It was pretty rough, and I’m sorry to say I did not take any “before” pictures of the plain, water damaged table, but I do have nice pictures of the painted mosaic (or faux mo) that I decided to do on top.



First, I scoured Pinterest for ideas, and originally, wanted to do a glass or tile mosaic, but I soon found out how pricey that can be. So I then, I thought, maybe I could paint it! i started by painting the table white for the “grout”, I hand drew a design (first on paper, then onto the tabletop.
When I was satisfied, I started painting. I used a gloss acrylic paint in the shades I wanted.

And painted with one of the kids’ water color brushes. It took four days from start to finish, and yes, my husband did have to pick up some of the slack (laundry, cooking, etc). Isn’t he awesome? But it is finally done and I have to say, I really like it!






What do you think?

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