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A brilliant ornament

Recently, I received a Christmas tree ornament at a holiday party ornament exchange.  The one I ended up with looked like this.


Not much to look at, right? Well, when has that ever stopped me?  I decided that all it needed was a little crafting. My husband’s grandfather was a professor and writer.

My beautiful picture

We have an original copy of the book he wrote about metalwork and plumbing back in the 40s.image

It’s one of Dean’s most treasured books, and it gave me a brilliant idea! I copied a few of the pages from the bookimage


gave them a tea bath,

and when they dried, crumpled them to make them look old.

I tore the paper into pieces and decoupaged them to the ornament.image

I added a bow when it was dry and voila!image

A rustic-looking ornament with sentimental value.

Merry Christmas, dear readers. I hope your holidays are as brilliant as ours.